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Love Handles Before and After Pictures, Reviews, Results

What do love handles before and after pictures look like? Discover the difference of the love handles in before and after pictures. What do people who have lost love handles through exercise, liposuction and coolsculpting have to say in reviews?

The flabs around your waistline with a lovely name of love handles are not in the least attractive. They are in fact annoying and give you little or no confidence in your overall beauty. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to lose weight in your midsection because it is the last part for fat to melt down. However, with lots of patience over a strict diet it is fat loss on around your stomach is achievable.

Sometimes people do not have enough patience to see the weight loss become a reality. Therefore, they opt for surgical procedures such as liposuction and coolscupting and pay handsomely for them. These procedures just like rhinoplasty, work on some people and not on others.  Therefore, if you are going for these, you should go with an open mind.

Furthermore, you should search for qualified and board certified surgeons to perform liposuction and coolsculpting of love handles. This is what you should expect in love handles before and after exercise, liposuction and coolscupting.

Love Handles Before and after Exercise

If you do decide to go the exercises way, you should not expect results overnight. The best exercises to lose love handles only work if you are watching what you eat. Furthermore, the results would become evident after a few weeks and probably months when your body begins to adjust to your new diet.

Before and after exercise.

Before and after exercise. Source Phen375

The love handles before and after exercise become toned while the diet works on eliminating the fat from your body. The changes may seem minimal, but in the end, they will be significant if you continue eating proper foods made with natural fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil and peanut oil among others.

Similarly, you should eat lean proteins from legumes and white meat. Whole grains and flours should also become your daily foods in order to cut body fat. You should also have lots of fruits and vegetables as food and snacks as well.

Love handles before and after exercise appear smaller after sometime in women and the tummies flatter.  How to lose love handles for men on the other hand, generates more muscle. This is why guys will appear more masculine with a six pack. In fact, both before and after pictures of women and men are very different because also of the type of exercises involved. Men lift weights as opposed to women who have to do cardio, stomach exercises and most of all eat a healthy diet.

Love Handles Before and after Pictures

Here are pictures on what to expect after exercises, liposuction and coolsculpting to lose your muffin top. The difference is in the time required to see these results. Whatever the case, love handles before and after pictures of exercises look natural and offer overall health benefits of being physically fit.

Liposuction on Love Handles Before and after Reviews

Liposuction is a procedure that surgically removes your love handles. The surgeon makes small incisions on both sides of your stomach from where the fat is sucked up using a suction device. Same amount of fat is removed from the love handles.  Stitches are then made on the incisions and these are removed after a week in the surgeon’s office. Of course, liposuction on love handles before and after leaves scarring on your skin.

Love handles before and after liposuction in men
Love handles before and after liposuction in men. Source – Aaron Stone MD

There are mixed reviews on liposuction on love handles before and after. For some patients they seem to agree that the procedure gives them the disservice of altering their curves completely. They became shapeless after the procedure and therefore, worse than they were initially with the muffin tops.

For others, they have had success with the procedure and hence positive liposuction on love handles before and after reviews. One woman is proud that she got the procedure done between pregnancies and did not gain extra fat after that. According to her, it was the best decision she ever made. Other women have shared how they added weight in the most uncalled for sections of the body after the lipo making them look artificially ugly.

The ball is on your court as you decide to go for this procedure look at the before and after pictures of past clients of your chosen surgeon and have a face-to-face interview with them so you can make an informed decision. Furthermore, read reviews of the particular surgeon on lipos online.

Men Love Handles Before and after Bodybuilding

It is interesting to see before and after pictures of men who have lost their love handles by bodybuilding. The body is properly toned and a six pack is evident. For those who may make a habit of bodybuilding they are also likely to have defined lower back dimples from the intense workouts.

The idea is to have the ideal low body fat, which is between 6% and 13% in men, and they can have phenomenon love handles before and after bodybuilding. Women require between 14% and 20% of body fat.

Non Surgical Coolsculpting Love Handles Before and after Pictures

Another fast way to lose the love handles is through coolsculpting, which is a non surgical procedure. It leaves no scars on your waistline and after treatment, you can resume to your work unlike a lipo where you have to take a few days off not forgetting that you have to wear a compressing suit after the surgery.

Coolsculpting for love handles before and after picture
Coolsculpting for love handles before and after picture. Source – Crutch Field Dermatology

Coolscupting love handles before and after results however, may not be evident after the procedure. This is because the body takes a while to dispose fats naturally. Therefore, it will be after two or more months that you will see your love handles gone.

The results of love handles before and after coolscupting last for a long time. However, you can choose to have the procedure done on one side of the stomach and go for the next one after seeing the results. In fact, most love handles before and after pictures of coolscupting are one sided. It is completely normal.

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